We hope that everyone out there is having a good summer, or getting ready to! We finished packing up all of our “stuff” that we used to run the shop, and vacated the property. We adore the man who bought it to build a Storage Max location, using the building as his office. He is super nice and fair, and we wish him the best.

Joyce is enjoying retirement, and even taking us all on vacation to Niagra Falls this summer. Liz & Chrissy are going to enjoy the summer with their boys too!

We will be posting up some “remember when” and “before and after” photos to entertain you over the summer. Again, feel free to email or message us if you want. We will let you know the minute we have our new location. Oh! If you need a painter over the summer and it can’t wait til we re-open, call painter Ted Maloof at 919-818-6654. He paints furniture on site or possibly his home, and will be the main furniture painter at our next business.

Take care now!




Founded in 2000, Eclectic Furniture And Decor (formerly The Eclectic Garden)  was locally owned and operated by Joyce Hawley and her 2 daughters Liz and Chrissy. Our unique boutique offered painted, used, and consignment furniture.  We also offered one-of-a-kind gifts, garden & home accents, jewelry and other hand-made items from local artisans. We were previously located on the corner of Wake Forest Rd and East Whitaker Mill Road from 2004 till May of 2016, when Joyce sold the property to retire.


Liz fully intends to re-open Eclectic F.A.D. after a short summer break, and Chrissy will work with her in an administrative capacity. And Joyce is sure to pop in a lot as well!  Once Liz finds a new location for the shop, by September or so, we will post the update here, on our Facebook page and through our email list. In the new shop we will offer custom furniture painting as we have done for over 16 years but under the capable hands of friend and local artist Ted Maloof. Liz will also have small showroom of furniture and decor items during limited retail hours, as well as a space for Liz’s interior design business. 

Stay tuned!